New Battlefield Is Set In World War 2, Contains Loot Boxes

Electronic Arts revealed in early 2018 that the newest addition to the Battlefield franchise we will coming out this Fall/Autumn, but no concrete details regarding the game's period were revealed. However, recent reports have showcased what fans can expect in the upcoming Battlefield title.

New Battlefield Is Set In World War 2, Coming In Fall
GamesBeat have reported that the title will be called 'Battlefield V' and will be set in the Second World War, parallel to Call of Duty: WWII. Additionally, the upcoming title will be developed by Swedish based studio, DICE. The report credits this information to sources "familiar with EA's plans."

This appears to be the most sensible move by EA, as the next Call of Duty title is set to be Black Ops 4, which will likely deter players if they decide to go with a more modern and futuristic theme. According to the report, EA and DICE decided to move away from the futuristic setting "several years ago" after it became apparent gamers did not desire it.

New Battlefield Is Set In World War 2, Coming In Fall - Battlefield 1943 was the last title set in World War 2
Despite the promising news, its not all good news. USGamer, which has heard the same information as GamesBeat about the new Battlefield game, reported that the title will have loot boxes. But, the loot boxes will only contain cosmetic items, so it is unlikely to cause as much controversy as Battlefront II.

It has been nearly a decade since the last Battlefield was set in World War 2, after the release of the 2009 title Battlefield 1943, so its great to see the franchise move back to this period. EA are set to announce more official details regarding Battlefield V soon. 

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