New Atari Console Is Available For Pre-order

Nostalgia evolved! Get ready for the brand new console by Atari which plans to blend modern and retro gaming into one sleek and sexy looking box. With the promise of online capability and support for the 4K resolution, this may knock its competitors out the ring!

New Atari Console Is Available For Pre-order
It seemed so out of the blue when Atari announced they were working on a new console, it almost felt like a dream,  but it seems the time almost upon us! The Atari VCS is now available for pre-order and is scheduled to be released in mid-2019. Being the 1st console from them since the Atari Jaguar (1993) this thing has a lot of rep to regain (though the console did give us Rayman so I suppose we should be thankful). Many fans, however, are confident that the new console will be a success. Afterall it was funded by fans so this console owes its entire existence to its loyal fanbase. With that in mind, Let's take a look at what exactly we'll be pre-ordering, shall we?

New Atari Console Is Available For Pre-order: The collectors edition (above) & the Onyx version (below)
1st of all it's important to note that there are in fact 2 versions of the VCS available. Inside they're both the same however the more expensive one (the collector's edition) has that classic wooden front panel for that extra whiff of authenticity. That doesn't mean that the Onyx (the less expensive one)  looks shabby though! It's still slim, sleek and looks stunning!

The operating system for the console is Linux based which as many of us know is a very flexible OS. This was apparently deliberate as you will be able to customize your consoles interface, presumably with apps, wallpapers etc. I wonder how long it'll be before people turn it into an emulating machine?

The Atari will apparently have both old games and new exclusives! This is especially exciting as it means that it will, in fact, be competing with the rest of the consoles (albeit perhaps on a small scale).  With all this in mind, it's clear to see that Atari is giving it their all. Competing with the other consoles while carving their mark on this generation. Will it be a success? Well, only time will tell. But it seems we're going to have a good time finding out! Check out the trailer for the new Atari console down below!

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