New Assetto Corsa Game in Development as Franchise Reaches $100 Million in Sales

The developers of Assetto Corsa claims there's a new game coming to the market soon! With a great success over the past years, the studio managed to pass $100 million in sales and achieved several awards thanks to their amazing work. We're expecting more simulators from the studio to come in the near future.

New Assetto Corsa Game in Development as Franchise Reaches $100 Million in SalesIn an exclusive interview by GTPlanet, Marco from KUNOS-Simulazioni shares interesting information about the company and their future plans. The studio is significantly known for creating in-depth racing simulators and being one of the most realistic out there too! Luckily, the future is looking very promising for the studio. Their latest installment is still receiving updates and has sold pretty well, despite it’s restricted to only Grand Touring cars. 

The franchise finally hit $100 million in sales, making them just about as successful as the Project CARS franchise. By 2017, Assetto Corsa sold 1.4 million copies world wide (obviously more by now), a bit less than Project CARS 1, who sold 2 million copies. But that doesn’t change the fact that they’re rivals and competing to become the best simulator in the world. The key to their success from the beginning was actually mods. By letting modders take control of the game, the freedom is unlimited which players highly appreciated. The second game, according to Steam, estimates to have around 500,000 players in total. That excludes all owners on the consoles. All in all, there’s a possibility that KUNOS-Simulazioni could surpass Slightly Mad Studio in sales! 

ASSETTO CORSA HITS €100 MILLION: Exclusive Developer Interview with Marco Massarutto

In the Interview, there’s a discussion regarding a new game in development. No detailed information given but it’s confirmed that they’re going to deliver another racing simulator. It’s “a bit too early to talk about it” since it’s very early in the development process. They have a clear goal though. However, they haven’t decided yet what engine to use for the next title. Although the current engine is pretty solid, an upgrade could be necessary for that title particularly or just using a different engine for variation. 

We are in the R&D phase at the moment to evaluate our possibilities, and Unreal Engine 5 is right around the corner. Our focus is providing [the best] gaming experience for the consumer; this is the first goal we have in mind.

In other words, they’re almost done with the basics of a video game and about to move on to the next phase of the development. They want to add more entertainment into the franchise to provide the best experience for the players because racing is supposed to be fun and competitive at the same time. But for now, all we know that a new title might be coming this year. More information regarding the development will come later this year, so make sure to stay tuned! 

The Ferrari 488 GT3 with these graphics looks insanely realistic

The Ferrari 488 GT3 with these graphics looks insanely realistic

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