New addition: Battlefield Hardline: Blackout

Company Visceral Games announced a new addition to the game Battlefield: Hardline.

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Company Visceral Games announced a new addition to the game Battlefield: Hardline. The developers decided to release the contents from the set, called Blackout for free.

"In the spirit of the perfect robbery in Battlefield: Hardline preparing something huge. We have been working for a long time in the shadows to present for every gamer a surprise in the new update. Finally, everything is ready for the announcement of our plan. Battlefield Hardline: Blackout will be released soon, and it will bring an impressive new content which will be for free for each owner of the game "- told the developers in the official blog of the game.

In addition there will be new maps, weapons and gadgets. New content will be linked to a common theme – the cover of darkness. In the game will add cards Night Job and Night Woods, which represent the night version of the maps Bank Job and Backwoods. For orientation in the night players equip night vision goggles, as well as 2 new weapons for all classes and groups, including a new version of RO933 and a new rifle Battle Rifle. In addition, the game will add new music, camouflage and more.

Representatives of Visceral also reconfigured spectator mode for those who like to watch the games of their friends. All new content will appear  with the download of the update, which also made a list of changes to improve the gameplay.

Release date is not defined, but the developers promise to release it soon.

► 2 FREE NIGHT MAPS! - Battlefield Hardline Blackout DLC


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