NetherRealm Studios, TT Games To Maintain Inclusivity within Warner Bros.

Rumors having been circulating the internet suggesting of a potential removal of NetherRealm Studios and TT Games from being part of Warner Bros. Games. Said hearsay stems from a leaked document mentioned in a podcast by journalist, Jez Corden. However, Warner Bros.'s response to the matter seems to imply the complete contrary.


NetherRealm Studios, TT Games To Maintain Inclusivity within Warner Bros.

NetherRealm Studios and TT Games will not be sold to other companies, debunking rumors suggesting opposite to inclusivity.

Word about an alleged plan to sell two of Warner Bros. Games’ gaming divisions came following a podcast by Windows Central’s Jez Corden. Albeit a project outside WC itself, it mentions of a document which appears to be at the center of the rumor. However, a Warner Bros. Games representative, Remi Sklar, clarifies that there’s no such plans in store. That is, implying that said divisions will maintain inclusivity even as the company itself sees incorporation in the future.

Speaking to TheGamer, Sklar claims:

“I can confirm NetherRealm Studios and TT Games will continue to remain a part of Warner Bros. Games, and all are included in the Warner Media Discovery merger”.

While Warner Bros.’s stance on the issue seems pretty firm and conclusive, there’s no telling whether the leaked document is unreal or not. The likelihood of it being authentic simply cannot be ruled out. Implying that the company’s reaction could be simply consequent to a change in the plan.

NetherRealms Studios and TT Games being let go seems fairly unlikely as well, considering the changing weather. The former, for one, is said to be working on a big Marvel project. Meanwhile, TT Games’ prowess on the Lego franchise could find use in the reopening world.

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