Netflix’s Castlevania Renewed for Second Season

Less than a day after its release Netflix's Castlevania series is renewed for a second season!

Castlevania will return for a second season
On the first day of it's release, streaming service Netflix has already ordered a second season for it's animated take on the Castlevania video game franchise.  Season two will consist of eight episodes compared to season one's total of four, a release date has yet to be announced.  

Castlevania is a dark medieval fantasy that focuses on the last member of the Belmont clan trying to save Europe from Vlad Dracula Tepes.  Based off the classic video games the series is written by best-selling author and comic book writer Warren Ellis who also serves as an executive producer.  Graham McTavish (The Hobbit) voices Dracula with Richard Armitage, also of Hobbit fame, lending his voice to play Trevor Belmont.  

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