NetEase’s New Mobile Racing Game, Ace Racer Launches March 16

NetEase Games has announced a release date for its new upcoming mobile racing game, Ace Racer. The game will launch March 16, 2023 for Android and iOS, and the preregistration campaign currently underway is featuring plenty of in-game rewards.

Netease’s New Mobile Racing Game, Ace Racer Launches March 16

Ace Racer is a competitive mobile racing game developed by NetEase Games. Players will be able to race against each other while utilizing not just the distinctive abilities of their cars, but various special skills as well. The game is reminiscent of the classic arcade racing games, and features circuits with worldwide landscapes such as Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Shanghai. With the use of its unique battle modes and engaging gameplay, its wide variety of customization options, photorealistic graphics, and simplified controls, Ace Racer will appeal to fans of classic racing games while attracting newcomers unfamiliar with the genre.

Ace Racer will officially launch globally March 16 in Japan, North America, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

A preregistration campaign has begun, and interested players can sign up with their email on the official website. The registration milestones go up to one million sign-ups, and rewards include in-game raffle tickets, currency, fuel, and an array of cosmetic items.

Ace Racer is now open for Pre-registration!! Burn the race, be the ACE

Source: NetEase Games

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