Neptunia Virtual Stars Steam Release Offers Bundles and Discounts at Launch

The Neptunia Virtual Stars release on Steam has a variety of bundles! To celebrate, Idea Factory International is offering a series of discounts on the game within its first week. Ranging from physical limited editions to a host of downloadable content, there's no shortage of options. Find which version is the best for you.

Neptunia Virtual Stars Gets Exclusive Steam Bundles and Discounts at Launch Cover

The Neptune Virtual Stars release on Steam offers bundles with a variety of goods for players.

An action-focused spinoff of the long-running Hyperdimension Neptunia RPG franchise, Virtual Stars aligns the goddesses of Gamindustri with a new pair of Vtubers to protect the planet Emote. Previously released on the PS4, the PC version is out today.

During the first week of the game’s launch, the game will have a 10% discount. Additionally, there will be four purchasing options that come with their own price drops, each with progressively more goodies. Aside from the standalone game, the bundles are as follows:

The Vtubers make their big debut!

The Vtubers make their big debut!

The Deluxe Pack includes:

  • A digital artbook.
  • A 25 track soundtrack.
  • Sets of eight PC and nine mobile wallpapers.
  • An exclusive PC theme.

The DLC Set includes:

  • All contents in the Deluxe Pack.
  • All in-game DLC, which includes six bonus costumes, item packs, three in-game BGM’s, extra songs and dances.
  • A 15% purchase discount.

The VIP Edition includes:

  • All contents in the Deluxe Pack and DLC set.
  • Discounts on all future DLC.
  • A 10% purchase discount.
Neptunia™ Virtual Stars - Opening Movie Trailer

All limited edition purchases will come with the VIP Edition of the game alongside an impressive set of physical goods. Digitally, Virtual Stars is available starting today on Steam.

Which bundle looks the most tempting to you? With the Neptunia Virtual Stars release on Steam with these bundles, which will you be buying? Let us know in the comments! 

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