Need For Speed 2017 Teases Seattle Location

The official Need for Speed twitter posted a teaser image. Judging by the skyline, the new city will be taking inspiration from Seattle.

Need For Speed 2017 Teases Seattle Location
A teaser image of the next installment in the Need for Speed franchise has been released through the game's twitter account.  

The image is of a car possibly overlooking a cliff or in mid-drift with the caption "Excuse our smoke."  In the very hazy distance we can partially see the skyline of a city.  

Our biggest clue as to where drivers can expect to be taken this time around comes from the rightmost building as it appears to be the Space Needle tower which is located in Seattle, Washington.  Need for Speed titles typically take actual cities and use them for in-game inspiration. For example "Fairhaven City" from the 2012 entry Most Wanted owes it's likeness to Boston and Pittsburg.  This newest entry in the Need for Speed franchise has yet to be titled but fans can expect an announcement very soon.

Are you excited for the newest Need for Speed? Let us know in the comments below!

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