Need For Speed 2017 screenshot and info

Electronic Arts and Ghost games reveal first details for the next Need For Speed game that are sure to get you excited as the developer seems to have paid attention to the fan wish list.

Need For Speed 2017 info
Ghost Games, a developer that worked on previous Need For Speed titles has called us for a sneak peek under the hood of the next Need For Speed title. They revealed that the new title will be playable by the end of 2017. The developer seems to have addressed a bunch of criticism toward the previous Need For Speed title by promising that the new game won't have an always-online requirement.

Need For Speed 2017 screenshot
The screenshot doesn't reveal much but the developer has confirmed that vehicle customization will play a huge role and cop chases return once more for that added bit of adrenaline. They state that they are committed to world-building and seemingly confirm even off-road races. Going by the screenshot we sincerely hope that the perpetual night of the previous title is also a thing of the past. More info will be revealed by Electronic Arts during EA Play 2017, which runs from June 10 to 12.

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