Need for Speed 2015 – new Five Ways to Play video

A new video released on September 3, 2015 shows us 5 different play styles of the upcoming Need for Speed 2015.

With money you can buy almost everything of course. But without respect, you're nothing in this NFS. Respect points are the main currency in new events and car parts unlocking. You can find people like Magnus Walker, Ken Block, Nakai-San, Risky Devil or Morohoshi-San in the streets of Ventura Bay.Your goal is clear – attract these real moto-world stars. Only they can help you reach the fictive thrown of the city.

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SPEED – Beat your own records in Speed events like Sprint Races or Time Attacks. Everything that matters is only your skill and speed. Nitro is your biggest friend there. So put your pedal to the metal and let your car run through
the street.

STYLE – It's about drifting, burning rubber and driving like a boss. Show your friends that you're the most skilled racer widely.

BUILD – All Need for Speed Underground old great features are back. Spoilers, vinyls, rims and performance upgrades. Build your own masterpiece and show everyone that you have the best looking car widely. There are no limits and your imagination is most important in BUILD.

CREW – Build your own crew with the friends. Your teammates will help you cross the finish line first.  

OUTLAW – Lights and sirens of Ventura Bay never sleep. Take part in the furious cop chases. Drive without mistakes or punishment will be harsh.

You can of course focus on these styles separately, but the best way how to get more rep points is combine all
play-styles together
. There is nothing better than drifting high speed cop chase.

Need for Speed Gameplay Innovations Five Ways To Play

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