NCSOFT’s New MMO Strategy Game Project G Is in Development

NCSOFT has recently announced the development of their upcoming MMO real-time battle strategy game, PROJECT G. It is set to release sometime in the near future, and will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices.

NCSOFT’s New MMO Strategy Game, Project G Is in Development PROJECT G is a real-time strategy MMO game coming to Switch, PC, and mobile that is currently in the works. The game takes place in a mythical realm known as “Pangea”. Players will take on the role of a “Lord” and partake in territory development and defense. They will be tasked with collecting resources, building cities, and, as is the case with all real-time strategy games, conquer before becoming conquered. With plenty of unique customization and battle options, they can immerse themselves in large scale war with other players and battle to become the rightful ruler of Pangea.

As mentioned before, the realm of Pangea is a mythical one. PROJECT G has added features to give off an epic feel in the form of magic items and creatures such as dragons that can be utilized during battles.

PROJECT G is NCSOFT’s latest title, and very first entry into the MMO real-time strategy game genre. There is no official release date as of yet, but it is speculated to be very soon along with an intended global launch for PC, Switch, and smartphones.

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