Naughty Dog’s Next Game: New IP or The Last of Us Part 3

Naughty Dog is uncertain if its next game will be The Last of Us Part 3 or a brand new IP. In an interview with GQ, Neil Druckmann explains why he feels the company will either develop another game in The Last of Us universe or start fresh with something new. Only time will tell for the studio's future.

Ellie and other survivors in The Last of Us Part 2

Neil Druckmann had an interview with GQ. In it, the VP of Naughty Dog spoke about the next game. It would either come down to a new IP or The Last of Us Part 3.

“As you start wrapping things up, creatively there are fewer and fewer responsibilities and my mind can’t help but think about the next thing,” he told GQ. “So yeah, the next thing could be a Part III, the next thing could be some new IP.”

Regarding the future of The Last of Us, Druckmann has made it clear that the games are about Joel and Ellie. At PSX in 2017, he said that it was less about the world and infected, rather than about these two characters. Based on his interview, it appears he is still sticking to not telling other stories in this fungal zombie universe outside of these two characters. The idea of changing the characters and scenery too much to Druckmann is the “coward’s way out.”

Ellie under a truck

Ellie could go on another adventure with Joel in a Part 3

This is when he brings up the idea of an IP if you were to change things up too much for the next game from Naughty Dog. Due to the release of The Last of Us Part 2 is coming in 10 days, he has other things on his mind than divulging information on any thoughts on what a new IP could look like.

The studio has had a history of a variety of games with different tones and genres. Going deep into the game developed came from the platformer Jak and Daxter, then it turned to the Uncharted franchise, which mirrored similarities to Indiana Jones. The Last of Us marked a new jump in styles for the Santa Monic based company as it was grittier and tonally more serious than its previous projects.

As of now, Druckmann is focused on co-writing the HBO series on the first game with Chernobyl writer and creator Craig Mazin. It will also have Game of Thrones and Chernobyl producer Carolyn Strauss. The pair recently hired the director of Mazin’s hit series, Johan Renck, to direct the first episode of The Last of Us.

The series will cover the entirety of the first game. The idea of it going into the story of Part 2 is still up in the air.

You can pre-order The Last of Us Part 2 in time for its June 19 release on PS4.

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