My Time at Sandrock Hits Kickstarter, Aims for 2021 PC Release

The developers behind modern indie classic My Time at Portia have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest game in the series, My Time at Sandrock. Aiming to be the fulfillment of the vision the team had for their first game, Pathea Games is again turning to the community to help realize the final product.

My Time at Sandrock Hits Kickstarter, Aims for 2021 PC Release Cover

Fans of My Time at Portia were surprised today when Pathea Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for their second title, My Time at Sandrock. Set in the same universe as Portia, players will be based in the middle of a vast desert, utilizing the few resources available to rebuild the city and turn it into something amazing.

With improved graphics, the promise of new features such as multiplayer, and some promising video and screenshots, the campaign is off to a good start. At the time of this writing, the team had raised $29,000 of their $100,000 goal. Not bad for a game that is described as already 35% complete and with an Early Access window of 2021.

My Time at Sandrock is currently fundraising on Kickstarter.

My Time at Sandrock Announcement Trailer

Players are again cast in the role of a Builder, so a large focus of the game will be the Workshop, as you will be building and expanding the town, but this mechanic has been reworked with new features. According to the developers, players will now be able to “[draw] your own designs for things…”, which will surely be interesting to see as development progresses.

Farming and Combat are also being reworked, with the intent of providing more benefit to the player. New enemies, new animals to raise, and new dungeons will also appear in the world, meaning that Sandrock is more than just a prettier reskin of the first title.

Cowboy lizards don't take too kindly to city folk.

Cowboy lizards don’t take too kindly to city folk.

It appears that the reason behind the Kickstarter campaign is the addition of multiplayer. In their announcement, Pathea Games spoke a bit about their reasoning behind crowdfunding for a second time:

The first thing is multiplayer. Multiplayer is hard to do well, and we want to create a multiplayer mode that people would actually be excited to bring their friends in to play. To do that, we’ll need to hire more programmers, designers and artists to specifically craft that experience, and that’ll significantly increase the budget.

The second thing we want to do is to self-publish. We feel like that if we handle all the publishing duties ourselves, we’ll be better positioned to service all the different platforms in a timely manner. This will also take some extra budget. Overall, we do have the funding to finish the game in a timely and fully realized manner. If the Kickstarter somehow fails, we’ll probably only have a basic version of multiplayer until the sales of the game picks up.

The team has promised another large, open world.

The team has promised another large, open world.

It seems like the team has a good scope of what they want to accomplish, but of course, with any fundraising campaign, time will tell. But for fans of the first title, My Time at Sandrock seems like it will be a welcome next-step in the franchise.

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