Multiple Ubisoft Executives Resign From Their Posts Due To Misconduct Allegations

You're probably tired of hearing about these misconduct allegations but this time, a real change is coming and it's coming from Ubisoft. Ubisoft has been leading the charge with significant overhauls in their policies and now the removal of executives in their roster.

If you told Ubisoft to go hard or go home, you’d be the one going home ’cause they’re going really hard. Ubisoft has previously said in a blog post that they’re going to do their best to overhaul their policies. This happened due to several allegations against their employees were made and some people took it as some kind of a PR move. But now, Ubisoft is showing us that they’re serious about it. Ubisoft has released a PR post quite recently:

In this post, Ubisoft recognized its failure in providing an inclusive workplace environment for their employees. Because of this, a combination of really important people from the company has decided to leave their positions. One of the most important ones being Serge Hascoet. Serge has been thought to be “too powerful to be ousted” as he is the one in charge of all the Ubisoft’s games. Just a word from him can make or break a project.

Not just that, Ubisoft has also confirmed that he’s not just resigning from his post. But he is leaving the company.

Really great job from Ubisoft as they’re shedding light upon us and explains their moves with transparency. Another one of the important people leaving their post would be the Global Head of HR, Cecile Cornet. Previously, Ubisoft has also released an announcement in their internal network, Mana.

The reception of this post wasn’t as positive as one would think. Ubisoft employees commented that most of the allegations that were made were already reported years ago and HR did nothing about it. Ubisoft is now looking for a replacement for the posts that have been left open, save from COO which the current CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot will take over.

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