Multiple Developers Leave Lab Zero Games Over Harassment and Sexual Abuse Allegations

Multiple developers have announced that they will be leaving Lab Zero Games over sexual abuse and harassment allegations aimed at owner Mike Zaimont. This comes after Zaimont had to publicly apologise in early June over a "stupidly insensitive joke" about the death of George Floyd.

Multiple Developers Leave Lab Zero Games Over Harassment and Sexual Abuse Allegations Cover

Lab Zero Games, developers of Skull Girls and Indivisible, is facing an exodus. Multiple developers have announced their departure from the company over harassment and sexual abuse allegations. Mike Zaimont, owner of LZG, has come under fire for alleged sexual harassment and the abuse of employees. This comes shortly after the owner had to apologise in early June for a “stupidly insensitive joke” about the death of George Floyd. In a series of tweets, developers have claimed that their departure isn’t a knee jerk reaction, but the culmination of months of abuse and harassment.

In the statement, developer @kinucakes claims that Zaimont had originally agreed to leave the company on his own terms. The owner has now apparently gone back on his word, sparking this exodus. Since Zaimont is the 100% shareholder, multiple developers have had no choice but to leave the company. This is also backed up by another developer who claims that many have been trying to resolve the issue with Zaimont in private from the beginning of July.

As for Skullgirls and Indivisible, their fates are up in the air. Despite being their developer, Lab Zero Games does not own the IP of either games. Publisher Autumn Games owns Skullgirls and Indivisible is under the ownership of 505 Games. Whether or not Lab Zero Games will remain the developer of both titles is a mystery. In any case, I wish those who have left the company the best in their future projects.

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