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Mulaka releases ‘Thank You’ Trailer

The team at Lienzo, developers of Mulaka, were blessed with an incredible amount of support from the community following the launch of their game and created a brand new trailer to thank everyone for the constant outpour of kind words and reception.

Mulaka releases ‘Thank You’ Trailer
Mulaka follows the legend of the 4th destruction of the world by the Tarahumara indigenous mythology and is available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. A few excerpts from reviews are found in the trailer, highlighting the game’s impact on people who’ve enjoyed this unique adventure.

Watch Mulaka’s Thank You Trailer: 

A spotlight is put on the community with this new trailer as all of the positive reception achieved among the press wouldn’t be possible without the constant support of players everywhere. Mulaka’s Thank You Trailer shows the wide diversity of the game’s landscapes and scenery, all of them based on real locations in northern Mexico, ranging from deserts and towns to forests, caves, and even sinister places.

For more info on the game, make sure to check out our PS4 review for Mulaka.

Mulaka releases ‘Thank You’ TrailerMulaka releases ‘Thank You’ Trailer
If you wish to learn more about the game’s inspiration from this unique culture, there’s a one of a kind three-part vidoc series titled “Behind Mulaka”. These videos explore the Tarahumara’s history and mythology, as well as the importance of preserving culture through gaming.

For the latest updates, visit Lienzo’s official website, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch, or visit Mulaka’s store pages on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, Humble Store, and GOG.

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