MTG Modern Horizons 2 Preview, Release and More

Magic: The Gathering's increasingly popular game mode, Modern, sees the release of its second dedicated expansion in Modern Horizons 2. This new expansion will greatly expand the cardpool for all new exciting and overpowered combos to build and tear down your opponents!

MTG Modern Horizons 2 Preview, Release and More Cover

The modern play format in Magic: The Gathering was one of the biggest advancements to come out of Wizards of the Coast in 2017, having been thought up during an internal research & development hackathon which was aimed towards creating a brand new draftable MTG product. Out of this hackathon came Jumpstart, Commander Legends but most importantly, Modern Horizons.

As a format, modern has existed since 2011 and the idea was to include all sets from Eighth Edition onwards. Meaning all sets from the 10-year anniversary of MTG and beyond are legal. The purpose is for modern to serve as a much more mechanically diverse format compared to standard which is more accessible to newer players. Fast forward to 2021, learn all the details about Modern Horizons 2 and its release in this preview.

Modern Horizons 2 Products List 

Gone are the days when you only choose between booster packs or booster boxes. As Wizards of the Coast builds upon the MTG resurgence and boom, a wider variety of products are available with every new launch. The list of available products is as follows;

The Modern Horizons 2 dice available in pre-release packs and bundle boxes

The Modern Horizons 2 dice available in pre-release packs and bundle boxes

Pricing on the products is much higher than usual due to the incredible demand for the first set. Normally a draft booster box comes in at around £100/€110 but for Modern Horizons 2, double that. Value on individual cards is sure to be higher from release and many fans will ensure their products stay sealed to gain max value over time. Like Modern Horizons‘ initial set, it is print-to-demand only

Modern Horizons 2 Release Dates

Due to the Modern format being unavailable on MTG: Arena, there are no plans for any Modern Horizons 2 cards to be made available. There is, however, a release planned on the June 3rd, 2021, for Magic The Gathering: Online. The paper cards will enter pre-release on June 11th, 2021, with the full release on June 18th, 2021.  

The contents of the collectors booster, the highest value single pack product at launch.

The contents of the collectors booster, the highest value single pack product at launch.

With the addition of the pre-release to this set, it will be worth checking in with your LGS to see what events are running now that many countries are starting to return to normal after Covid-19 restrictions. Many stores turned to selling pre-release packs online to combat losing business during Covid-19. Whilst this is likely still the case, stores may incentivise a trip to the store in-person with additional booster packs as a gift. 

Modern Horizons 2 Notable Cards

As with any new set, certain cards steal the headlines and with Modern Horizons 2 it’s no different. The first big reprint is Counterspell, originally from Alpha, this two blue mana instant spell is new to Modern play. Other reprints brand new to Modern include Cabal Coffers and Sanctum Prelate, which is receiving its first ever reprint. 

Dakkon, Shadow Slayer enters as a planeswalker whose loyalty counters are determined by the total lands you have in play. This is a nod to Dakkon Blackblade from Masters Edition 1 where the power and toughness was determined by how many lands you have in play. His abilities allow you to either surveil, exile a target creature and play an artifact from your hand or graveyard without paying its mana cost. 

Counterspells stunning artwork from Ryan Yee

Counterspells stunning artwork from Ryan Yee

Grief is another card catching players’ eyes. This four mana (two black plus two) 3/2 menace creature is stacked. It allows you to discard a nonland card from your opponent’s hand when it enters the battlefield. Grief also has an evoke cost of exiling any black card from your own hand. The layers to this card are the perfect example of modern play. No creature ever drops on the battlefield without triggering one or two abilities and in many cases have an alternative cost for getting them on the battlefield in the first place.

Urza’s Saga is an enchantment land, the first true card of its type. It uses your land drop for the turn and, like all other sagas, once the final step is triggered the card is sacrificed. Head designer Mark Rosewater has suggested that enchantment lands would eventually appear in a supplemental set like Modern Horizons 2. This is because enchantments don’t really matter in modern and they can be more creative. The card type is just another reason why modern as a format is considered less accessible for newer players who are looking to get to grips with the base rules and card types.

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