Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Faction Announced in Blog Post

Good day, warriors! This week, TaleWorlds' developer blog talks about a very interesting topic: the developers introduce you to the Khuzait Khanate, one of the factions present in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Inspired by Eastern warrior tribes such as the Huns and Mongols, the Khuzait are fearsome warriors, experts in mounted archery, combining firepower with a great speed and mobility.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Faction Announced in Blog Post
On the developer’s Steam blog, TaleWorlds have showcased some of the new weapon physics/mechanics for the highly anticipated upcoming sequel to Mount and Blade – also, fans get a glimpse of one of the new faction that will present when the game is released. The new faction is known as Khuzait Khanate, and draws inspiration from the old Mongol Empire, and leaders such as Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan. Although no official release date has been announced for the game, it is obvious that the developers are working hard to construct what could one the biggest Steam titles of next year. An extract of the blog post is as followed:

A century ago, the eastward expansion of the Empire met the great sea of grass in the centre of the continent. Beyond that, with no farmland where the legions could forage, they could conquer no more. They fortified their most recent acquisitions, the great trading cities on the steppe’s edge, confident that the disorganized horse tribes beyond the frontier posed no major threat. Khuzaits, Nachaghan, Arkits, Khergits, Karakhergits – imperial officials barely even bothered to learn the names of the various clans and peoples, except when it was necessary to turn one chief against another with a bribe, or remove a rising khan with a vial of poison. The steppe tribes were well aware how the Empire toyed with them. But they were jealous of each other, and an imperial title, a princess bride, or a chest of gold could give them a slight edge in the endless struggle for prestige and precedence. They raided, traded, took protection money to “escort” caravans across the steppe, and left the game of conquest to the settled peoples. Two generations ago, however, something happened far away to the east – a change in the winds, perhaps, or some terrible but distant conqueror – and the horse clans were set in motion. New tribes pushed westward, seeking fresh pastures. Unwilling to be crushed in the middle, the clans nearest the empire formed a confederacy under Urkhun the Khuzait. They caught the Empire in a moment of overconfidence. A force of legions was annihilated, the trading cities capitulated, and Urkhun’s confederacy was now a khanate.” taken from the recent developer’s blog post.

As previous stated, not official release date has been announced, but we should expect to hear more around the Christmas and New Year period, due to the game getting an anticipated 2018 launch.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Gamescom 2016 Siege Defence Gameplay

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