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Mosaic Has A Lot To Say About Modern Life

Developers of Among The Sleep, Krillbite Studio have revealed their next game in the works and it’s called Mosaic. The Norwegian development studio have been working on the title for around three years now and recently revealed it at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference.

On first impressions, Mosaic may bring back memories of Inside for many players. It has the same kind of dank, lifeless colour palette to play on its grim world. It has the same kind of faceless people. As we see two faceless people (such is the game’s minimalist art style) waiting in an elevator, one of them staring literally blankly into their phone, Mosaic is clearly here to tell us a few things. About what it’s like to be a cog in a corporate machine that sees you only as a number on a spreadsheet to get a job done. This will likely resonate with many people who likely crave more variety in their otherwise predictable adult lives. After all, is this not why we play videogames in the first place?

Normally, such settings of corporate dystopia would run the risk of constricting Mosaic into a lifeless, dull and depressing experience. However, our unnamed protagonist is the only character we’ve seen so far who is afforded a sliver of personality by virtue of having a face. Like us, he is bored with life and a lot of the time naturally, he daydreams. During daydream sequences, Krillbite Studio is afforded the chance to get really imaginative with how they tell the story of Mosaic. The dull greys of the real world in which this man lives give way to colourful fantasies akin to Secret Life of Walter Mitty. That can only be a good thing and the opportunity for powerful storytelling here is exciting.

Mosaic is not a puzzle game either. It is focused solely on telling a story while the camera shifts positions as we trudge through the gloomy world. Occasionally, we’ll get notifications on our in game phone which can be used with D pad and face buttons, while simultaneously walking with the left stick. Clever. The in game phone will also serve a sinister narrative purpose as it informs the player they’re late for work or continues to push the propaganda of big corporations on them. All with a cheery voice, ironically assuring the populace that everything is fine and as it should be. The political commentary going on in Mosaic is truly intriguing.

Mosaic is expected to launch around late 2018 for PC, MAC, Linux, PlayStation4 and Xbox One.

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