Morrowind: From Worst Performing Elder Scrolls Game To Best

With a 16x resolution boost and and solid 60 FPS frame rate, Morrowind goes from the worst performing game in the franchise, to the best! This is made possible backwards compatibility and the Xbox One X. Many consider this particular title to be the best in the series and this upgrade will just enforce that even more!

Morrowind: From Worst Performing Elder Scrolls Game To Best
Hardcore RPG fans will remember the first release of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowinds on the original Xbox and recall the unfortunate performance issues that came with it will be happy to here that thanks to The Xbox One backwards compatibility program, the game has never looked this good and has never performed this well! Aside from the 16x upgrade in resolution (which does wonders for the games textures!), The game also runs at a solid 60 FPS throughout the game. This made Morrowind go from the worst performing game in the series, to the best! Check out this video below by Digital Foundry that really puts in to perspective the much needed upgrades!

[4K] Morrowind: Xbox One X vs OG Xbox: 16x Resolution + Massive Performance Boost!

After seeing the results of this upgrade with the Xbox One X, it's clear that Microsoft has really upped the bar when it comes to backward compatibility. Considering how far we are in to this generation of consoles, and with the next generation seemingly around the corner(ish) I really doubt that any other console will have a stonger backwards compatibility than the Xbox at this point, let alone match it. However I would love to be proven wrong! Surely this upgrade is worth replaying this fan favorite classic right? Let us know!

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