More members of hacker group “Lizard Squad” arrested

Two teenagers that identified themselves with the hacker group Lizard Squad, which claimed responsibility for the 2014 holiday attacks on PSN and Xbox Live, were arrested with charges of cyber crime on October 5.

More members of hacker group "Lizard Squad" arrested
In a recent press release from the Department of Justice, two members of Lizard Squad, the hacking group famously known for bringing PSN and Xbox Live offline on and around the holiday season, have been arrested on charges of cyber crime in the state of Illinois and around the world.

The two teenagers involved, Zachary Buchta and Bradley Jan Willem van Rooy, both 19, were held accountable for conspiring to cause damage to protected computers, as well as causing destructive cyber attacks around the world, as well as trafficking payment accounts from Illinois and other locations.

Buchta was arrested last month in Maryland, and has been scheduled to make an initial court appearance in Chicago on October 5.

van Rooy was arrested last month by authorities in the Netherlands, and remains there.

The charges were made after an investigation was made into a domain that allowed users to pay to send harassing phone calls to a target with spoofed phone numbers. One of the victims of these phone call harassment services, who resided in Illinois, received a harassing phone call every hour for 30 days, adding to evidence against the teens. It was stated in the investigation that:

"When the victim answered the phone, an audio recording stated that the victim “better look over your [expletive] back because I don’t flying [expletive] if we have to burn your [expletive] house down, if we have to [expletive] track your [expletive] family down, we will [expletive] your [expletive] up [expletive].”

The group later started making many dedicated-denial-of-service, or DDoS, attacks to many "gaming, entertainment and media companies" in a hacker-for-hire service, and then boasting about their work on Twitter.

Earlier arrests have been made in the United Kingdom during August 2015 related to the 2014 holiday DDoS attacks.