More Knack 2 Co-op Gameplay Shown

Sony releases new information on upcoming sequel Knack 2. The game is built around co-op and features vast improvements in combat and with the special moves.

More Knack 2 Co-op Gameplay Shown
Knack 2 was shown at E3 as part of the pre-show for Sony's E3 2017 press conference. In the pre-show it got a new trailer as well as both a release date and pricing. The game will hit the PS4 exclusively on September 5th and will cost just $39.99. Afterwards, we also received some details from the creative director Mark Cerny regarding the upcoming sequel,

Similar to the first game, Knack grows in size as he picks up parts, he can be anything from human sized to many times larger than that – but now the player has some control over Knack's size, just tap R1 and he shrinks down to two feet tall! This leads to gameplay with a rather different feel, whether it be squeezing through tight gaps in a platforming section, or scaling a cliff using narrow ledges, or even using Knack's discarded parts as counterweight in a puzzle.

As part of the overall evolution, Knack has a greatly expanded move set and as aresult, combat has become much deeper. He can transform a number of his parts into a shield, which is helpful when facing a half-dozen opponents at once – and if Knack puts up the shield with the right timing, he can parry arrows and other attacks right back at whoever fired them! Knack can also throw parts like a boomerang and stun enemies…and he can stretch out an arm twenty feet, grab his foes and pull them into range, at which point he can use a variety of kicks and punches, or a body slam to take them out.

Be sure to check the link below for more details given by Mark Cerny. However, based on what he's saying, Knack 2 is a much deeper game than its predecessor. This sequel appears to have a lot more variety in combat and also seems to have been built around co-op with a number of special moves only possible to execute with another buddy on screen. To verify this for yourself make sure to check out this new 15-minute gameplay trailer from the PlayStation LiveCast team just below straight from E3.

Knack 2 - PS4 Gameplay Demo | E3 2017

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    Looks good. Co-op done right.

    • Avatar photo

      It does seem like it. Plus you can go in and out of co-op without the current game being affected by it. That and $40 at release it’s a pretty good deal at the end.


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