More Games Companies Announce Donations To Support Ukraine

The announcements follow on from 11 Bit Studio’s commitment earlier this week to donate profits from This War Of Mine to the Ukrainian Red Cross, with several developers making similar promises for their own titles. One developer has also created a number of new job openings for people migrating from Ukraine into Poland.

More Games Companies Announce Donations To Support Ukraine

More companies have committed to donating their profits to humanitarian aid to victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The announcements follow a similar commitment by 11 Bit Studios on Thursday, which kicked off their #F*ckTheWar campaign.

Earlier this week, Polish developer, 11 Bit Studios, announced that they would be donating their weekly profits from anti-war game This War Of Mine to the Ukrainian Red Cross. The decision was made in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has already seen many Ukrainian citizens killed. Within the first 24 hours, the team was able to raise $160,000. They closed their statement by calling for other players and developers to take a stand against the invasion.

In response, a number of other games development companies have come forward with commitments of their own.

Fellow Polish studio, Crunching Koalas, who helped to bring us Darkwood and Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, was one of the first. They announced yesterday that 100% of profits from any of their selected games over the next week would also go to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

‘We – both as a company, and human beings – want to stand against the cruel and violent act of Russian aggression on Ukraine and express our solidarity with all those affected,’ the statement reads.

They were shortly followed by a collaboration between All in! Games, The Farm 51, and Polyamorous Games. Together, the three companies announced that one week’s proceeds from Chernobylite and Paradise Lost would be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

RedDeer Games took things one step further. As well as promising that 100% of all March profits from sales of Cyber Protocol would be donated to a foundation selected jointly with players, they also hope to directly support games developers leaving Ukraine. To that end, they have created 15 new job offers on their website for people migrating from Ukraine to Poland.

‘War and aggression are an evil that we condemn,’ their statement says. ‘We are against them, no matter if they happen near us or on the other side of the globe.’

Cyber Protocol PC Trailer

Polish developer and publisher, Huuuge Games, had a slightly different approach to the others. Instead of profits, they made a blanket commitment to donate 1 million PLN ($243,000) to charitable causes providing humanitarian aid to victims of the crisis. They also said that they would be taking steps to assist and relocate their employees, partners, and their families within Ukraine. They closed their statement by encouraging others to take similar actions.

‘We stand in support of peace,’ they said. ‘Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, their families, and their friends, as well as the many Russians who stand alongside us. That said, thoughts alone are not enough.’

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