More Details on the Dead Space Remake Shared by PlayStation

PlayStation revealed a more detailed look into the upcoming Dead Space remake. The game will feature many updates to the quality of the gameplay and the horrors of the environment while also adding in new features to enhance players' experiences.

More Details on the Dead Space Remake Shared by PlayStation

Earlier today, Motive released more details about the new, upcoming remake of Dead Space. Some areas of the game have been updated and tweaked to provide a darker, horror-infused experience. Some of those tweaks include updates to the game’s core gameplay and added detail the ship’s environment.

Dead Space was originally published by EA back in 2008. The game follows Isaac, an engineer who must fight back the mutated horrors of the Ishimura as he tries to bring the ship back online.  The game was a hit among players and won several industry awards for that year. Some even consider it to be one of the best horror games of all time.

The new remake is expected to take all those same horrors and amplify them to provide a modern, bone-chilling experience. 

The Dead Space remake will feature many updates to the gameplay. One new feature is zero loading screens when traveling between areas.  To ensure continuity and immersion, players will actually experience the tram ride between parts of the map.

Another updated feature from the original is complete 360 zero G. Originally, Issac was only able to use specialized boots to jump from platform to platform in zero G. Now, he will be able to float freely using booster on his space suit. 

This time around, Isaac is fully voiced. He will speak up and actually take part in the narrative of the game. From yelling his teammates names to explaining parts of his mission, PlayStation says this will help the game feel “more film-like and authentic.”

10 Minutes of Dead Space Remake Gameplay

In addition to updated features, the Dead Space remake will have new ones as well. One of them is the addition of circuit breakers. These junction boxes will require Issac to reroute power to activate parts of the ship. However, it comes at a cost–having to either play in the dark or having your oxygen slowly deplete.

Second, Motive has added incentives to keep players exploring. The game will require security clearance to open certain doors and access lootboxes. This will also require players to backtrack and revisit some areas they’ve already been to. 

Motive has also done a lot to improve the atmosphere of the Ishimura. This includes the addition of things such as dust particles, fog, blood stains and drips, and drab lighting. Other small details have been added to enhance the environmental story telling aspect of the game, too. For example, the game gives a nod to Isaac’s engineering background with his Plasma Cutter. Instead of just picking it up, the player assembles it out of composite parts at a work bench.

Similarly, when obtaining the Stasis Module, Isaac picks up the severed arm it’s attached to and removes it before equipping. The arm came from a body likely dismembered by a nearby malfunctioning door. 

Besides environmental upgrades, the Dead Space remake will have gameplay that still feels like the original but plays more smoothly. Players will also be able to upgrade their weapons and suits at the bench to match their gameplay preference. 

The Dead Space remake will launch on January 27th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. 

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog

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