Mordor comes to Lord of The Rings Online

The long awaited Mordor expansion for Lord of The Rings Online is here. Available in three different bundles you can now gain access to lots of new content. New quests, a new race and an alliance system are all introduced to the Lord of the Rings MMO.

Mordor comes to Lord of The Rings Online
Lord of The Rings Online just got a little bit bigger. The MMO has just received the long awaited Mordor expansion. Available today, the Mordor expansion will let players travel beyond the fabled Black Gate and the shadowy lands beyond.
There is an impressive amount of content that is available in the expansion:

  • Over 300 new quests: Players journey into Mordor and plunge into a new adventure, filled with lost stories, unfamiliar enemies, and the opportunity to fight through the lands around Mount Doom.
  • A new allegiance system: Pledge support to one of the factions seeking to reclaim this long-lost piece of Middle-earth. Players will be able to gain bonuses, story and exclusive gear along the way!
  • Crafting and gear updates: Players are able to customise their Hero with all-new armour, weapons, accessories, and more!
  • Extensive landscape updates. Explore the beautiful and terrifying landscape of Gorgoroth to discover hidden treasures and additional rewards.

The Mordor expansion is available through a number of editions and bundles, the Ultimate Fan Bundle for $129.99, the Collector’s Edition for $79.99 and Standard Edition of the expansion for $39.99. Players who buy The Collector’s Edition will get extras including a new the High Elf race, alliance cosmetics, exclusive title and more.
The Ultimate Fan Bundle includes all of the perks you get in the Collector’s Edition as well as exclusive Mordor cosmetics, VIP access for one month, an equippable XP accelerator for all characters and special relics.
You can get full details for each expansion edition on the official LOTRO store page

Lord of the Rings Online - Mordor Launch Trailer