Moonwalkers update is out for Zombie Night Terror

The totally free Moonwalkers Update brings a whole brand new chapter and a delicious sci-fi B-movie makeover to the game. Set over 10 levels, the new story will entwine you in its entrail-soaked grasp as you face off against six new zombie-hating enemies, devious new traps and much more. Can you keep the dreams of your zombie hoard alive?

Moonwalkers update is out for Zombie Night Terror
Just when you thought the apocalypse was over, gourmet developers NoClip and lusty carnivores Gambitious Digital Entertainment present the free Moonwalkers Update for Zombie Night Terror. To celebrate this oozing milestone, for one hot week the game is 50% off on Steam.

Moonwalkers update launch trailer:

Zombie Night Terror - Moonwalkers Update Launch Trailer

Get your teeth into Zombie Night Terror for PC/Mac/Linux with a mesmerizing 50% off the regular price of 12.99 € for one week only including the free Moonwalkers. More info on the update can be found on Steam.

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