Moonstone Island: 2023 Release for PC and Switch

Moonstone Island, a colorful pixel open world life-simulator is set to release for PC through Steam and confirmed to release for Nintendo Switch in 2023! Tame spirits in turn-based deckbuilding combat, farm your heart away or explore the vast world in this Stardew Valley-inspired game.

Moonstone Island 2023 Release For PC and SwitchMoonstone Island, described as a “creature-collecting life-sim” by developer Studio Supersoft is set to release in 2023 for PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch. The aesthetic of the game is similar to ConcernedApe’s RPG Stardew Valley. While the developers did release a temporary demo of the game on its Steam page, it has since been taken down. Playthroughs can still be found on YouTube. 

Moonstone Island - Official Gameplay Trailer

Play as an alchemist, expelled from your family’s sky island farm, and set out on your own adventure in this new RPG. Players will get to spend a year on Moonstone Island. There are over 100 islands players can discover. There, you can collect the different nature spirits. Test your strength with these spirits. Nature spirits aid you in battle and can help you interact with the world in Moonstone Island. Not only that but players are free to interact and build relationships with the locals to build intimacy. Farm and grow plants you find useful in this life-simulator RPG.

Players will be notified through their Wishlist on Moonstone Island‘s official steam page for a release date or a second demo release. While the studio did not show any official release date for the Nintendo Switch on their website, Moonstone Island‘s official twitter has confirmed a ‘very soon’ 2023 Switch release as well. Look out for Moonstone Island‘s PC and Switch release dates this 2023 via their Twitter or Steam page!

Source: Moonstones Official Steam Page, Moonstones Official Twitter

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