Monster Hunter XX Coming to Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Double Cross is confirmed to be heading to the Nintendo Switch. Capcom promises further details on this Saturday's Monster Hunter championship.

Monster Hunter XX Coming to Nintendo Switch
Capcom just announced that the popular monster-slaying game series sensation Monster Hunter is making its first appearance on the Nintendo Switch. The new entry goes by the name Monster Hunter Double Cross or Monster Hunter XX. However, no release date nor any further details were shared at this time. The Japanese developer is hoping that all of its fans tune in at this Saturday's Monster Hunter 2017 Championship to learn more on this upcoming release.

The Monster Hunter series is a action RPG where the main objective is to hunt down or capture all sorts of monsters. The series was and is still a huge hit in Japan. It inspired numerous entries, animes and even mangas. It also has a cult following in the west and is well known for being one of the biggest multiplayer franchises out there. This new entry is sure to strengthen the Nintendo Switch library once it lands.

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