Final Monster Hunter World Update Brings Back Fatalis

The Monster Hunter World final update will add the black dragon Fatalis, a ton of cosmetics and all of the game's festivals back to back. The game’s developers announced on August 28 that the game would soon reach the end of its post-release content cycle, and they plan on going out with a bang.

Final Monster Hunter World Update Brings Back Fatalis Cover

If you’re a Monster Hunter fan, then you’ve heard the name Fatalis before and will be excited for the game’s final update. It’s the original Black Dragon, a boss monster from the first instalment of the franchise. This creature was so special that in its original appearance you could only fight it in the online mode. The developers of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne have maintained a philosophy of several free updates, with just one paid expansion in the form of Iceborne itself. They have chosen to maintain this philosophy to the very end, giving players the chance to travel to the original Fatalis map: Castle Schrade. 

It would be a strange day for Capcom if they limited themselves to just one thing for an update. Alongside Fatalis comes the release of Arch-Tempered Velkhana, a ton of cosmetics both for your hunter and your home, a halloween-themed festival and so much more! It’s actually hard to keep up with the amount of tuning up they’re doing on a constant basis. There’s been talk before about the game’s amazing progression system, and this update definitely adds to it.

Dates for the upcoming content drops

Dates for the upcoming content drops

This last update, titled The Final Stand, would have been completely different had the 15th anniversary promotional image not gone viral last year. The developers saw the fan’s reactions to Fatalis, and based on that decided to add the monster before checking out. 

As the developers said goodbye with their usual “Happy hunting!” we are treated with a montage of all the free title updates Monster Hunter World has gotten over its lifetime. Franchise crossovers, new monsters, new cosmetics and tons of quests are just a couple of the things Capcom has added post-launch, free of charge. All of this, coupled with an amazing progression system, makes you feel like you have to keep coming back to try out what’s new. It’s rare to see this kind of love given to fans from triple A companies, and it’s definitely setting the bar high. 

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Fatalis Trailer

What are your thoughts on the amount of content the game has received over the years? Is it worth the price of admission? Are you hyped for the final Monster Hunter World: Iceborne update? 

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