Monster Hunter World Announced For PS4

Sony shocks the gaming world at E3 2017 by unveiling a new Monster Hunter game for PS4. Monster Hunter World should be hitting the PS4 early on 2018.

Monster Hunter World Announced For PS4
Sony announced at their E3 2017 presser Monster Hunter World for PS4. The massive monster-slaying multiplayer franchise is set to return to PlayStation in a big way. The trailer shows a hunter using various tactics in order to slowly damage a T-Rex like monster. Capcom's Monster Hunter World is coming to PS4 early on 2018. No other platforms were listed. Check out the premier gameplay reveal.

Are our readers excited about this new reveal? Let us know below.


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    Its also coming to Xbox One, and to PC later. But yeah, Capcom finallt decided that one of their biggest franchises should be in HD (not counting the WiiU MH3U). I wonder, since this franchise has been on portables for such a long time, to suddenly move it completely off portable systems, I wonder if it will be embraced the same.

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      It is a strange decision. We will see if on home consoles the franchises fares well indeed.


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