Monster Hunter Stories 2 Demo Rolling Out Later This Month

Capcom had just concluded its E3 2021 presentation, which includes announcement over plans, such a roll out of a demo for its up-and-coming title Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Anyone can take advantage of the demo as it launches later this month. Certain amazing things can be expected as an upgrade to the foundation as was established in the original with the developing sequel.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Demo Rolling Out Later This Month

Following its E3 2021 presentation, Capcom reveals that Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin will roll out a demo on June 25th.

Dubbed the Trial Version, the demo will mimic previous event back with the original Monster Hunter Stories. That is, to give players access to the early parts of the game. But, more importantly, also providing takers the option to carry over progress into the full release.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 revolves around a new protagonist and the struggle that comes with tangling up with a monster of ill omen. Mostly, for trying to protect said monster from a group of people who vies to exploit it for their own nefarious objective.

Improving upon the foundations laid out in the seminal title, the sequel takes advantage of the Switch’s great processing capability. This meant, aside from better graphics, players get lots of content that far exceed that of the first title.

As is true to the game’s core concept. Getting monsters involves poaching eggs and hatching them. This also implies the need to go on an adventure and reach areas that inhabit unique monsters.

But as an RPG, the game is all about overcoming adversities and strengthening the player’s monsters after every encounter. Ultimately, for the goal of surviving through the campaign towards its ultimate conclusion.

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