Monster Hunter Rise Demo: Most Used Weapons

If you're wondering which weapons were the most used, the director of Monster Hunter Rise posted the most popular weapons used in the Mizutsune hunt. This gives us an overview of which weapons might frequently come up in your online hunts and which ones won't.

Monster Hunter Rise Demo: Most Used Weapons

In a tweet posted on the Japanese Monster Hunter Rise twitter account, Yasunori Ichinose, the game director of the game, posted the most used weapons in the Mizutsune hunt.

The tweet is in Japanese but a little Google Translate can give us an idea of what it’s about. Anyway, without further ado, here are the most popular weapons in the said hunt:

  • Long Sword – 19.1%
  • Great Sword – 9.7%
  • Hunting Horn – 9.6%

The results are as expected with Long Sword still being the most popular weapon in the franchise. Where it becomes interesting is the second and third placer. Great Sword has risen up in popularity again beating the Bow which was the second most popular weapon in Monster Hunter World. The third one though is a really really huge surprise for most of the players. The hunting horn was once seen before as a support weapon and it was the least popular of all the weapons. However, they reworked the weapon in this installment and made it more accessible to new players. I personally had fun trying out the hunting horn:

Capcom released a demo in January, which ran until the 31st. Monster Hunter Rise is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month, March 26th.

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