Monster Hunter 5 To Be A PS4 Exclusive Rumor

Well-known industry insider Mr. Pointy claims that Monster Hunter 5 will be a PS4 exclusive. The same insider previously predicted successfully that Monster Hunter XX would be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter 5 To Be A PS4 Exclusive Rumor
Following the recent announcement that Monster Hunter Double Cross will be coming to the Nintendo Switch we now learn of another entry in the franchise via a rumor. It appears that Monster Hunter 5 would instead launch on the PS4 as an exclusive. This scoop comes from well-known industry insider Mr. Pointy who previously predicted the Switch game to be happening prior to its official announcement by Capcom. This wouldn't be all that hard to believe as Sony would be well aware by now of just how huge this monster-slaying franchise really is. The expected arrival for Monster Hunter 5 seems to be around 2018 at this point and would feature the huge online multiplayer that the series is known for with a potential re-designed gameplay in favor of western audiences.

If true, this is a huge deal especially for Japan where the Monster Hunter franchise has done wonders for Nintendo's various consoles over the years. Monster Hunter is an action-role playing game. The franchise is mostly about slaying and or capturing various creatures and monsters. It does feature a hunting rank system and is designed to be played online as you partner or compete with other players around the globe. Take this rumor with a grain of salt although do keep in mind as well that industry insiders have been on a roll recently in predicting the future.

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    Knowing that Monster Hunter has exploded on PSP, that the portable format is very important for the series, and that an outing of the next episodes on 3DS and / or Switch would allow cross-play between the two machines. Is there a single logical reason for Capcom to put the future of its series on PS4?







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      Probably to test the waters. The franchise is huge on 3ds but it’s been many years since console versions were truly bet on. I think it’s smart. If it fails sales wise, they can continue to focus on portables


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