Monster Harvest Delay Strikes a Third Time

Maple Powered Games has unfortunately announced a new Monster Harvest delay. They are trying to do right by both the game itself and its eager fan base. If they succeed, the indie game may have a long, active life ahead of it.

Monster Harvest Delay Strikes a Third Time

Unfortunately for Monster Harvest fans, delay has struck a third time. As a result of the latest delay, the launch date is now set for August 31st. This may sound pretty bad, however, the developers are trying to make sure the game is done right. This time around, they needed a bit more time to get over the final development hurdle. They don’t say specifically what they got hung up on, though.

Monster Harvest blends Pokémon and Stardew Valley to create something unique. If the developers do right by their fan base, this can work to their advantage, as it has for Stardew Valley. The indie game was originally planned to launch in May. However, the developers decided to spend some more time on it. They wanted to incorporate feedback from players in the closed beta to make the game better. As a result, the original delay moved the launch back to July.


The second delay slid the launch to mid-August. Monster Harvest developer, Maple Powered Games, again released a statement. This time they mentioned providing “high-quality support for as many regions as possible” on launch day. However, the latest Monster Harvest delay moved the launch back to August 31st.

A Statement on the Monster Harvest Delay

As they’ve done before, Maple Powered Games released a statement to their fan base. This time it’s a longer one on their blog. Here is an excerpt on why they did it:

“We are very sorry to announce that we are making the tough decision to move the release date back one final time, to August 31st.

We know you’ll be disappointed and we do not take these decisions lightly. There was one final development hurdle to jump over that didn’t quite work out and pushing back a little was necessary to deliver exactly what we want players to experience.

There’s a wonderful community that has sprouted up around Monster Harvest and we absolutely want to do right by the community, even when it means making what could be a disappointing decision.”

After the Monster Harvest delay passes, players will delve into Planimal Point. In this world, they will explore and build a farm. They’ll soon collect, grow, and mutate crops before taking them into the heat of battle. The Planimals can help players with both exploration and combat.

For those waiting patiently, the developers also wanted to say thank you:

“Thank you so much for the continued support and your patience as we make sure Planimal Point is ready for your arrival!”

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