Mojang Rebrands and has Non-Minecraft Ideas

Mojang, best known for Minecraft, rebrands itself as Mojang Studios with Non-Minecraft ideas for the future. With a new logo and branches around the world, the company sets itself up for something new aside from its main creation since 2009.

Mojang rebrands to Mojang Studios (Credit: Mojang Studios)

Minecraft studio Mojang rebrands itself to Mojang Studios. Alongside this change in name, the company is “playing with ideas for brand new games.”

The company cites its expansion over the past decade, growing outside of its home in Sweden to Canada, Japan, and the U.S. as the reason for its rebranding.

“From our humble beginnings in Stockholm, we are entering the 20’s as a multi-title, multi-location company,” the studio writes. “Following Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons, we’re planning a feature film, preparing an epic live show, and playing with ideas for brand new games.”

Minecraft has recently sold 200 million copies, with 126 million monthly players. That is not the only content related to the blocky sandbox hit as the Swedish developer prepares for Minecraft Dungeons too. The dungeon crawler set in the family-friendly title’s universe is releasing next week (May 26).

Mojang Studios: New Name, Logo, and Trailer!

The latest update about the Minecraft movie came last year from the developer. It is currently scheduled to release on March 4, 2022. Due to a switch in CEOs at Warner Bros., it left Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia) out of the project that he was set to direct. Now Peter Sollett (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) is replacing the Always Sunny creator along with Allison Schroeder (Hidden Figures, Frozen II) to help writing the screenplay.

Before rebranding to Mojang Studios, it all started in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2009 from founder Markus Persson, also known as Notch. He eventually sold the company to Xbox Game Studios in 2014 to move on from his creation. 


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