Mobile Game Based on Doom, Mighty Doom, Reportedly in the Works

A Doom spin-off called Mighty Doom is reportedly in the works for Android devices. It is being developed by a gaming studio that calls itself a recent addition to Microsoft's portfolio. Despite the months-long presence in the Google Play Store, the mobile title remains obscure. But a recent report sheds light on its existence, which seemingly draws inspiration from an existing shooter game.

Mobile Game Based on Doom, Mighty Doom, Reportedly in the Works

An Android game based on the Doom franchise called Mighty Doom is brewing right under people’s noses and is being developed by Bethesda Softworks studio Alpha Dogs.

It appears to have been in the Google Play Store for many months now. But with an obscurity that lets it evade even the most precise search, the title’s unsurprisingly beyond most people’s awareness. Adding only to its developer’s relative silence over the ongoing project.

In addition, coming across the app in the Android storefront does not guarantee the program becoming downloadable. Which, if anything, is quite telling of the title’s current state. Essentially, also, making it simply a temporary placeholder to the developing game.

But what does this imply for Microsoft now that it takes Bethesda Softworks under its suite of game development studios? For one thing, it could be that of the company’s attempt at dominating the gaming mobile space.

Mighty DOOM - Play Free Now!

The idea might be a long shot, considering that the project in development is not necessarily original by gameplay design. Not necessarily the kind that will take the platform by storm. Instead, it actually took inspiration from an existing mobile title, Archero, which itself looks like a fantastic game. However, with a twist that gathers strength from a popular franchise, that objective might not be that too off-based.

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