MMO Ashes of Creation May Just Reinvent The Wheel

Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMO by Intrepid Studios that offers various world altering mechanics through player interaction. What makes it throb with sheer potential is the fact that its world will never be the same for too long. Cities will rise and falls as a result of player investments in resources, almost as if Intrepid are letting us build our own evolving world that will play host a very real set of politics. As they would say themselves, "Gone are the days of static worlds. Change is here to stay".

Ashes of CreationMMO Ashes of Creation May Just Reinvent The Wheel
In their newest press release, we have learned that, as well as everything already in Ashes of Creation, new players will have a staggering sixty four classes to choose from. When a player begins their time with Ashes of Creation, they can select one of eight base classes and grow into a specific secondary class as they play through the MMORPG. As a result, players will become one of sixty four character variants available. Intrepid state the plan with this was for the player not to feel like a “nameless sword and shield hero number 47”, giving them a real sense of individuality within the world. Check out the chart below for a full understanding of how it will all work.

MMO Ashes of Creation May Just Reinvent The Wheel

The variety of classes on offer are staggering and will develop around your character as you play

For now, this image is all we have to garner an understanding of Intrepid’s championing of variation and choice for the player. Further information will become available for each class in the new year and can be found on the Ashes of Creation official site blog. This news should excite any fan of existing MMO’s or RPG systems in games. It’s clear to see that Intrepid are working especially hard in the wake of a saturated gaming environment. They are clearly doing their best to create something special. That would make sense since their Kickstarter efforts have already gathered more than $3 million in funds for the project.

In other words, Ashes of Creation looks to be no pushover. Not only does its world look like Lord of The Rings and Warcraft made a beautifully rendered baby, beaming with God rays, but it is going to be packed with content. Players will choose how they want to live their virtual lives in this game. Will they be traders or city builders? Perhaps they’ll make a living by sabotaging caravans and looting their goods along trade routes. You can check out the official run down of what we can expect in Ashes of Creation on Intrepid’s official site. If you’re in a rush, here’s a quick breakdown of gameplay elements to spark your curiosity.

  • Player driven world building – Players can take on many different roles. Prospectors can mine distant lands and build farming communities between them. Major cities can be connected to support trade routes and prosperity. Initiate your own side quest by protecting your caravan while it travels across dangerous lands. Or maybe players will prefer the safety of city life and find fortune from within their walls. All of this is subject to change based on player decisions. 
  • Questing – What MMO would be complete without quests? In Ashes of Creation, players will partake in public events, area specific quests and more narrative focused chained quests. 
  • Sieges – Gather your clan and take arms! Take part in player organised castle sieges. Never to bring them down but to take them for yourself. Fight for the chance to own a great bastion on the land. Perhaps you already did… and it’s time to defend. 
  • Player vs. A.I Intrepid continue their efforts to come into the MMO genre with a bang by boasting a unique take on enemy A.I. No one beast will behave in a fixed pattern. As a result players will have to adapt on the fly, no matter what creature they aim to take down. Smart use of magic, steel and chaos will win the day!

Ashes of Creation is Playable Right Now… Kinda

As you can guess, creating the massive world of Ashes of Creation is no small task. Like most developers releasing an always online game, Intrepid Studio have let us get our hands on it from time to time. There have been a number of early access events so far, released to a very select few (sadly KeenGamer has not been one of them but we are taking measures to change that). Their latest move in introducing us to the world of Ashes is to release a free to play battle royale.

MMO Ashes of Creation May Just Reinvent The Wheel

Apocalypse will help new players familiarise themselves with how certain classes will play in the final MMO release

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse is available on Steam right now. Really, it’s a testing ground for their servers disguised as a battle royale. While that may sound like a cynical move, it’s a great way to introduce us to the look and feel of Ashes of Creation. Additionally, new players can familiarise themselves with the many classes available here and in the final MMO release. 

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