Mixer to Shut Down on July 22, Microsoft Partnering with Facebook Gaming

Mixer is to cease all operations in a month, with Facebook Gaming absorbing any partnered streamers who wish to switch to their platform. According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, this is just the first move in a longer partnership between the two companies.

Mixer to shut down on July 22, Microsoft partnering with Facebook Gaming Cover

Microsoft announced today that their Mixer livestreaming platform will be shutting down in one month’s time on July 22. The company will be partnering with Facebook Gaming to transition both their partnered streamers and current viewers to a new platform. Notably, partnered streamers on Mixer who signed exclusivity deals with Microsoft are being released from their contracts, and are not required to partner with Facebook should they choose not to.

According to Microsoft, Mixer is shutting down as the result of an inability to scale the service at the same rate as its competitors, such as Twitch or new partner Facebook Gaming. From July 22, all Mixer URLs will automatically redirect to Facebook Gaming. Any outstanding Ember balances or channel/Mixer Pro subscriptions still held by users will be converted into credit on the Xbox store.

Microsoft’s new partnership with Facebook is not just limited to livestreaming, however. In a blog post published today, Xbox head Phil Spencer outlined his goal to bring the company’s Project xCloud game streaming software to Facebook in some fashion. While the way in which this might be implemented is unclear, Spencer stressed:

We’re always testing new features and learning, and we’re excited to explore further as we look to debut click-to-play scenarios within the Facebook Gaming and Instagram communities. 

As for the Mixer infrastructure remaining in Microsoft’s hands, Spencer stated that it would be used to supplement the streaming and video functionalities of Microsoft Teams.

The news comes under a year after a series of acquisitions by the relatively new service. In August of 2019, popular streamer Tyler Blevins, known to his viewers as “Ninja”, signed an exclusivity deal with Microsoft for a sum of “between $20 and $30 million”. KingGothalion and Shroud were two other notable streamers to sign similar deals.

While Ninja and Shroud have not made any statement on Mixer’s dissolution, Shroud has removed the link to his Mixer channel from his Twitter bio. KingGothalion has been more vocal, tweeting a video announcement of his plans to stream on Facebook Gaming once Mixer ceases operations. 

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