Mini Xbox Controller in Development for xCloud Service

Microsoft is teaming up with 8BitDo to develop a special mini Xbox controller for its xCloud streaming service. The Bluetooth controller will be customizable for any button map or sensitivity preferences. It will be available only for Android devices when the service launches by the end of this year.

xbox mini controller for xCloud (Credit: 8BitDo)

To accompany Game Pass, Xbox plans on releasing its streaming service, xCloud. Ahead of its launch, Microsoft is teaming up with 8BitDo to develop a mini Xbox controller for xCloud.

The Bluetooth controller will work with any Android phone or tablet with 18-hour battery life, along with a USB-C charging port. If you plan on using it with your phone, all mini Xbox controllers will come with an adjustable clip that will attach the devices together.

Gamers will get some customization for their gaming experiences when using the controller. You can map buttons, adjust sensitivity to the sticks and triggers. You can have multiple profiles to swap out your configurations.

8BitDo is a third party company that mainly focuses on retro controllers. That works quite well as the mini Xbox controller for xCloud looks similar to some old school controllers.

You can pre-order the controller now on Amazon for $44.99.

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