Minecraft’s Pokémon Go-style Game Minecraft Earth is Entering Closed Beta

Minecraft is *ahem* crafting their version of Pokémon Go, and they want you to help them make it. For your chance to play an early build of Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality game coming to smart device, keep reading to see further details. Mojang & Microsoft Studios are launching a closed beta in select cities around the world and gave us a better idea of how the game will play.
Minecraft's Pokémon Go-style Game Minecraft Earth Is Entering Closed Beta

Minecraft’s Pokémon Go-style Game Minecraft Earth Is Entering Closed Beta

In May, Minecraft announced they were taking the blocks out of the servers and into the real world. Meeting a Creeper in the street is about to take on a whole new meaning with Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Earth sees your Minecraft avatar travelling around a simple rendition of the buildings and roads you’re walking around in real life, like a block-ified version of Pokémon Go. As you move about, various items will appear on the map called “tappables” which gives you a building material or an item (called a mob) and some experience. With enough building blocks, players can move out of the virtual map and take their creativity into real life, making intricate structures on a build plate.

Minecraft Earth players will be able to assemble creations with other players, dropping and picking up materials, seeing their currently selected item and the effect of their actions in real-time. All that’s needed to start is a real-life flat surface that can be used as a build plate. More interesting build plates unlock with more experience for higher levels.

However, Minecraft Earth’s most impressive feature happens when the player takes their small diorama-sized model and project it as a full-sized building, allowing any player to walk around and inside of, all viewable through the window of a phone screen. Just try not to mistake a random person for an Enderman, it may not go well.

In June, Mojang gave a gameplay demonstration during the Apple Keynote speech. They similarly showed the build plate and full-size features with both Lydia Winters and her Minecraft avatar present within the same scene. The demo was reminiscent of a Microsoft HoloLens showcase in E3 2015 with the same demonstrators, so it’s reasonable to assume Minecraft Earth is an evolution of that concept and technology.

Sign up on the Minecraft Earth website to get in with a chance to be part of the closed beta planning to roll out during this summer.

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