Minecraft On Switch To Use Xbox Live For Cross-Play

Following the announcement of cross-play functionality coming to Xbox One, Switch, and PC for Minecraft, developer Mojang has disclosed more details as to how the online feature will work across consoles.

Minecraft On Switch To Use Xbox Live For Cross-Play
Mojang CEO Jonas Märtensson confirmed in an interview with Norwegian outlet PressFire that the Switch iteration of Minecraft will have users log in using Xbox Live once the cross-play update arrives for the titles on each platform.

Märtensson disclosed that the organizations behind each platform have been "pretty pragmatic and understanding" in regards to what the studio is trying to achieve. Xbox Live was chosen because it's "a good system to connect everyone." No details were shared as to whether or not users will have to have two separate online subscriptions in order to utilize this function.

Cross-play functionality for Minecraft was announced earlier this week and accrued tons of positivity from gamers across platforms. Xbox One, Switch, and PC users will be able to play with each other, with only PlayStation 4 owners being left out (as per Sony's own choice, mind you).

What do you think of Minecraft using Xbox Live for consoles? Does this indicate a lack of confidence in Nintendo's online servers? Let us know in the comments below!

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