Microsoft’s Project Scorpio might come at a price

Xbox Game Marketing Head is confident that Project Scorpio will be able to deliver its goal of running 4K graphics, but also adds that the console is intended as a premium product and that it may come at a price.

Microsoft's Project Scorpio might come at a price
Xbox Game Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg reassured fans of Microsoft's upcoming Project Scorpio that the console will undoubtedly have the ability to deliver true 4K gaming, but that it might come at a price.

In an interview with Dualshockers at Gamescom, Greenberg went on to mention that their team was really thoughtful about the specs used to design the product and the approach used to deliver a new definition of gaming in the console space.

"How can we bring that at scale to a really big audience in the console space is what I'm excited about. To be able to bring six teraflops of GPU power to the console space is a massive amount of power," he said. "We're confident that we'll be able to deliver true 4K gaming with that, and that performance power is not there yet in the console space, and we'll obviously be bringing that next year."

Xbox - Project Scorpio

While no specific price range was given for the console, Greenberg did say that Microsoft intends it as a premium product, citing that it will be "a very high-end product."

Announced earlier this year, Project Scorpio had been rumored for some time before its official announcement this past E3. The console is set to launch during next year's holiday season.

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