Microsoft’s Going Digital With A Disc-Less Xbox One

Microsoft is finally going digital with a Disc-Less Xbox One. The Console will be $100 Cheaper. A new disc-to-digital’ program also in the work.

Microsoft’s Going Digital With A Disc-Less Xbox OneSince Sony is not going to attend E3 2019, Microsoft has a huge advantage to showcase new hardware and games next year. The company is already planning on releasing some new hardware next year. Nothing related to Scarlett since those devices are going to be next-gen with a 2020 release date. The company is planning on releasing a Disc-Less Xbox One that will be cheaper and affordable.

If you own physical copy of a game and don't want to sell it. Microsoft is also working on a 'disc-to-digital' program that will turn your physical games into digital download. All you need to do is take your disc to a participating retailer and trade in your disc for a digital download code. Microsoft goal with this move is to cut cost of production for Xbox one and make the console more affordable. The expected price point of this Disc-Less console is $199 or less. Under Phil Spencer leadership Microsoft is investing a lot of resources in the Xbox Brand. After so many First-Party studio acquisitions and the new streaming service (XCloud) the company is working on. The future looks bright for Xbox Fans.

According to Brand Sams of Thurrott, the console will be officially announced in spring 2019. If all things go smooth then we could be seeing it launch this year.

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