Microsoft Unveils Plans for New Xbox Console Titled “Project Scarlett”

The next step in gaming may be well on its way. Microsoft has teased the release of the next generation of consoles with Project Scarlett, which has some big promises. Focusing on power and accessibility, Microsoft executives have promised a system for the future of gaming.
Microsoft Unveils Plans for New Xbox Console Titled "Project Scarlett"

Microsoft Unveils Plans for New Xbox Console Titled “Project Scarlett”

With Sony gradually sharing details about their upcoming Playstation 5 console, Microsoft went ahead and announced a more direct approach. Codenamed Project Scarlett, Microsoft is planning not just the next big console, but preparing for the future of gaming.

In a video trailer provided during Microsoft’s E3 conference, a number of Microsoft executives talk about what people can expect from the next-gen console. Throughout the video, a few topics are emphasized more than others, such as power and accessibility. One person mentions that Scarlett will have four times the power of the Xbox One X. Another claims players will see framerates that were otherwise unheard of, anywhere up to 120 FPS. Near the end of the video, a complete lack of any and all loading screens was also teased.

The full video can be viewed below:

No other details about the console were given during the video, though a “Holiday 2020” release date was confirmed at the end. Perhaps similarly to how Nintendo previously referred to the Switch as “NX,” it may not be that the next Microsoft console will even be called “Scarlett.” Whatever it ends up being titled, the console has some hefty promise to live up to, especially in terms of power. 120 FPS and no loading screens would definitely change the scope of video game standards.

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