Microsoft Renews Fable Trademark With Sequel Heavily Rumoured

As of last week, Microsoft has applied to renew the Fable Trademark with a new game at Playground Games rumoured. The last Fable game released in 2010 by Lionhead. An announcement may be imminent with Xbox having the first-party showcase this month.

Microsoft Renews Fable Trademark With Sequel Heavily RumouredIt looks as though Fable is coming back. Who’d have thought? As of 26th June Microsoft has applied to renew its trademark of the Fable franchise suggesting that gamings one of worst-kept secrets is coming back.

Rumours began to surface of a new Fable game as early as January 2018 where Eurogamer reported that a sequel to Lionhead’s RPG series was being developed by a second team at Playground Games currently known for the much-loved Forza Horizon series. 

This second team is separate from the Forza Horizon team with new talent on board. It has managed to attract talent from studios such as Rockstar North and even former developers from Lionhead moving over. As of now, Playground has confirmed that the second team is working on an “open-world RPG” but are yet to confirm it is Fable.

In an interview with IGN, Ralph Fulton who is seen as the figurehead of Playground Games did confirm he is working on the second project (very likely Fable at this stage) alongside his work on the Forza Horizon series. 

We are likely to get our first look at this Fable game in this July’s Inside Xbox which is a showcase for some of the first-party titles coming to Xbox Series X  at launch and beyond. As of now, it is not yet known if this new Fable game will be a launch title game or come later.  

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