Microsoft Negotiating Discord Acquisition for Over $10 Billion

According to a rumor, Microsoft has approached the owners of the video game chat community Discord in an attempt to claim ownership of the company. The deal, if agreed, is said to go beyond $10 billion. The owners of Discord are reportedly seeking offers in order to sell their company to the highest bidder.

Microsoft Negotiating Discord Acquisition for Over $10 Billion cover

Microsoft is continuing to expand its reach within the gaming industry. According to the latest rumor that came from Bloomberg, the Redmond-based company is looking to add Discord to its ranks, making an offer well beyond $10 billion.

For those unfamiliar with Discord, it is a chat application centralized on gamers, which allows them to have their own individual rooms or independent environments where they can freely discuss their favorite topics, games or franchises. It also allows gaming companies to keep in contact with their fans.

Based on a previous article from VentureBeat, the owners of Discord Inc. have been playing around with the idea of selling the company for a few days now, and this news has attracted the attention of potential buyers such as Microsoft, which has supposedly made an offer.

Yet, it remains to be seen if a final agreement will be reached or not, as there are several other matters that the owners of the gaming community need to take into consideration. One is the possibility of having even better offers from other potential buyers, such as Amazon, Twitter or Google. The other is the fact that right now, the platform still remains an open environment for all gamers alike. But if the deal with Microsoft goes through, then that could potentially alienate or even fully drive out other players who own Sony or Nintendo consoles from the app, much like what happened with Mixer.

In any case, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see how things play out and if Microsoft’s attempt to grow its empire even further a short time after acquiring Bethesda will be successful. The US giant has been active on all fronts, as the rumors regarding attempts to put even more gaming companies under its umbrella continue to expand. SEGA and Konami are the two most recent developers to have supposedly been targeted by the Xbox creators. 

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