Microsoft Gives Away Phantom Dust HD for Free

Aaron Greenberg announces that Phantom Dust HD is Releasing for Free as A Gift. The game should hit Both Xbox Live and Windows 10 on May 17th of This year.

Microsoft Gives Away Phantom Dust HD for Free
Aaron Greenberg just announced recently on his twitter feed that the Phantom Dust re-release will be releasing on May 16th completely for free for Xbox One and Windows 10 users. In a much surprising turn of events, the free give away is a very nice gesture from a company that continues to leave far behind the big fiasco that was the Xbox One reveal back in 2013. For those that missed this 2005 action strategy cult-classic remaster on the original Xbox, this is a deal not to miss.

The incoming Phantom Dust remaster is an very appreciated attempt by Microsoft to revive or at least bring back some of its old IPs that were just gathering dust in some old attic shelf. Hopefully, the game will expand its existing fan base so that it may inspire some kind of sequel. In any event, for those that plan to pick it up, make sure you thank Aaron and his team for this unusual turn of events.

Are you excited for the gift? Let us know below in the comments.


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    This is exactly what Nintendo and Sony should be doing too. Nintendo has actually done this for a limited time with an old Zelda game.

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      I wish Sony would do it for their next Classic remake/remaster. The problem though is that they are on the lead, they have no real reason to be nice like this. It would’ve been cool for the Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Collection for example. We can dream though, some day.


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