Microsoft Acquisition Of Bungie: Rumours Denied By Bungie

Disproving earlier rumours, Bungie has denied rumours around the Microsoft acquisition of Bungie itself. Reports from gaming news tipster Nibel, confirmed by sources for websites such as Eurogamer, have been denied on Twitter by Bungie boss Pete Parsons.

Microsoft Acquisition Of Bungie - Rumours Denied By BungieDespite all the recent rumours, we’ve now got an answer to rumours of the Microsoft acquisition of Bungie. Twitter user Nibel, a common source for gaming news tips, today reported that Microsft has been trying to buy Bungie. While various websites had sources confirm this report, Bungie has now denied them outright on social media. Bungie CEO Pete Parsons, responding to Nibel on Twitter, stated that the report was “false”. The report originally came from the GamesBeat podcast.

With this statement unclear as to what exactly is false about the hearsay, many have asked Microsoft and Bungie alike for clarification and comments on the situation. Director of Global Public Relations for Bungie, Vanessa Vanasin, clarified by denying all parts of the rumours (again on Twitter). However, with the strength of the talk around this, Bungie might be denying us the whole truth. Sources said that talks stalled due to Bungie’s price tag.

Without official confirmation of any of this, we don’t know whether Microsoft’s acquisition of Bungie was really on the cards. Hopefully, after news sources have asked both sides for a statement, we might get more news soon. It’s important to remember that Bungie is apparently seeking funding for their studios. By this account, acquisition by Microsoft would be a good way to increase funding.

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