Micro Machines World Series first gameplay trailer released

The first trailer for Micro Machines World Series has been revealed in anticipation of its release in June. This continuation of the beloved retro classic looks to feature all the insanity that fans of the series could hope for.

Micro Machines World Series first gameplay trailer released
For the first time in over a decade, Micro Machines is zooming its way back to video gaming. The classic series has always been known for high-energy chaos, packed full of silly weapons and creative environmental hazards. From the look of Codemaster's recently released trailer, World Series doesn't appear to have forgotten its roots.

Set for a June 23rd release, Micro Machines World Series features 15 battle arenas to be raced across or contested though capture the flag modes, territory control modes, and solo or team deathmatches. Up to 4 players can play locally and 12 online within 12 customisable vehicles.

For the gameplay trailer, look below:

Micro Machines World Series | Battle Mode Mayhem! [US]

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